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Covid Recovery
7th Apr

Covid Recovery Support

Still struggling with the effects of Covid? Please see leaflet for some useful resources to help with your recovery.

Covid Recovery Information

6th Apr

Retirement Annoucment

We said farewell to our partners Dr Vanhouse at Meadowside and Dr Griffin at Knowle. They have been a pillar of their surgeries helping and caring for patients over the years. We wish you both all the best for the future and a happy and restful retirement!

Spring Booster
29th Mar

Spring Booster

From 28 March 2022, we will be inviting eligible patients aged 75 and over to book their Spring COVID-19 booster vaccine appointment at Monkspath Vaccination Centre, in age descending order and six months from their last vaccination. Thank you for your patience, we will be in touch with you directly.

For the latest updates, visit our web site and social media regularly.

Cervical Screening
8th Feb

Book for your Cervical Smear!

We are open and taking appointments for Cervical Smears!
You can book in to have your test done by calling the reception team, please do call especially if you have recieved youre reminfer letter. 
At your cervical screening (smear test) appointment, a nurse takes a sample of cells from your cervix using a small, soft brush. The test only takes a few minutes.
We won't care if you haven't shaved your legs or you have your old pants on... Our only concern is your health!
If you feel worried about going for cervical screening, you are not alone. It may help to know as much as possible about what going for cervical screening is like. You could ask someone you trust about their experience, speak with our nurses, or call this free Helpline from Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust on 0808 802 8000 for more support. Find out more about what happens at a Smear test here
Face Covering
18th Oct 2021

You are still Required to wear a face covering

Infection prevention control (IPC) guidelines for the NHS and care settings have remained in place when it comes to face coverings. 😷
Although this may be personal choice in other scenarios, you will still be required to wear one during your visit to our surgeries.
Staff, patients and visitors will also be expected to continue to follow social distancing rules when visiting any care setting as well as using face coverings, mask and other personal protection equipment.
This is to keep patients and staff safe so we can continue to provide a service of care and keep our staff numbers up to capacity, ensuring reception staff are able to work safely and clinicians are still able to run their clinics. In recent weeks, we've had significant numbers of staff, both clinical and admin need to take time away from the surgeries due to being COVID positive. ⛔️
Unless you have proof of exemption you will be asked to wear a face covering. If you have exemption, please bring this with you. We'd like to make you aware that if you refuse to wear a mask, depending on why you are seeing the clinician, they may well defer the appointment or offer to see you in an outside area (more ventilation) 💨
The obvious scenario we want to avoid is needing to cancel the appointment due to a patient refusing to wear a mask. Please check the government website for more information. We're really grateful for everyone's help in keeping all of us at GPS safe so we can keep our community safe too 🤝
Blood Pressure
4th Oct 2021

Blood pressure Readings

Share your blood pressure readings with us!!
Following the Know your Numbers week we would love you to send your blood pressure readings into the surgery 📩 Especially if you have hypertension or are over 40, but we are keen to hear from everyone with your readings!
You can drop off your readings in the letterbox 📮 or to our reception team 🙋🏼‍♀️ or email them over to 📧
Please remember to include your Name, DOB and NHS Number (if you know it)
Every Mind Matters
4th Aug 2021

Every Mind Matters

It's Time to Talk Day and a good time to ask yourself how you've been feeling lately.
Check in with the #EveryMindMatters Mind Plan Quiz to get your free NHS mental health plan:
4th Aug 2021

If I die, it will be your fault

Please be aware of how your words and action affect others. In a world where you can be anything, be kind. Please see tha campaign here