About Us


What is GPS Healthcare?

GPS Healthcare is based across six different sites in Solihull and Knowle in the West Midlands. Together we form a single Primary Care network (PCN).

What is a PCN?

A PCN is a group of GP Practices who have decided to work together to provide and improve healthcare services in the local area. PCN’s form a key building block of the NHS long-term plan. We aim to link staff from general practice, community services, social care and voluntary organisations to deliver a joined up care. Click here to see a NHS animated explanation.

Benefits for patients

PCNs have the potential to benefit patients by offering improved access and extending the range of services available to them, and by helping to integrate primary care with wider health and community services. The networks will provide the structure and funding for services to be developed locally, in response to the needs of you, the patient.

Our Vision

GPS Healthcare aims to position itself as the primary care provider of choice in Solihull and its surrounding areas. It will use its combined resources, experience and knowledge to deliver the highest possible quality of patient care.

Our Values - We CARE

Caring – We put the patient at the heart of all we do, treating patients, carers and the public with respect and dignity. We recognise that looking after our team allows them to focus on looking after our patients.

Agile – We understand that there are times when we need to adapt our ways of working to meet the needs of the individual or group we are supporting.  We learn as we go and we share that learning amongst our peers and external partners.

Responsive – We are focused on having the right people in the right place, at the right time.  This is a coordinated approach, blending central control with local autonomy to ensure local services appropriate for local people.

Efficient – We make careful use of the resources that are allocated to us, and we are focused on eliminating waste from the system.  We aspire to be a lean organisation.

Our Population

GPS Healthcare operates as a single list of just over 40,000 patients, covering nearly 20% of the population of Solihull in the West Midlands. 

The PCN population of older people is 30% higher than the national average (see below) and has a higher life expectancy then the England average.

We are an ethically diverse community with almost 12% of our population being of Black, Asian or Minor Ethnic origin.