Coronavirus GPS Updates

Final Astra Zeneca Walk-In Clinic!

25/08/2021 (14.00-18.00)

This will be for anyone requiring their second dose. After this date we will no longer be able to provide AZ jabs and these will have to be given at an alternative location. If you are needing a second dose please come down and see us - This will not be available for first doses.


Current Covid Vaccination Status

We are currently vaccinating anyone aged 18 and above, please book in for your jab! 

We have received a few queries about the Covid Vaccination and where patients can be booked in.
GPS Healthcare are only booking Covid-19 Vaccinations at the Monkspath Site. If you have received a letter to go to Millennium point or any other site, you are welcome to book in for there if this is convenient for you and you wish to go, but these appointments are managed by another service within the NHS and not affiliated with GPS Healthcare.
If you wish to come to the Monkspath site, then please await a call from the team to book in if you are eligible now, or a text message invite or call when it is your turn! 


We now have walk in clinics available at our Monkspath vaccination site for anyone aged 18 and above for their first jab. Second jabs are also available as long as it has been at least 8 weeks since you received your first dose! Keep an eye on our social media pages for more inforamtion and to find out when there are clinics. Both Astra Zeneca and Pfizer vaccinations will be available, but please check in advance which is available for the day you require, if it is a second dose you must recieve the same vaccination as your first dose. 
If you would like to find out more about other walk in clinics available in the area, please follow this link to see more Birmingham and Solihull venues:

25,000 Vaccinations (8th March 2021)

We have vaccinated 25,000 patients between GPS Healthcare and Solihull Healthcare Partnership  
Merryl was our 25,000th patient to be vaccinated! Thank you to all those who have made this brilliant achievement possible! (Thanks to Boutique Balloons Solihull for the arrangement and Chic Cake Bake for the celebration Cake!)
We are delighted to be part of the national effort to vaccinate the population and bring Covid-19 numbers down! The roll out continues and we are now contacting our 55-59 year old patients and those who have already received their first vaccinations to book in for their second dose - please do not contact us if you are not part of these groups, we will be in touch when you are eligible.